The Thaifed – Food Exhibition

The Thaifed – Word of Food Asia is one of the most world’s influential food & beverage, food technology and retail & franchise exhibition in the region, it attracts buyers and suppliers from all over the world. People from different place come to the exhibition to find their business.
Norcent Agriculture Co., Ltd is a company which does dry shiitake mushroom business, they have their own base and plant mushrooms by themselves. So they have high-quality products. This time, Norcent Agriculture has three staffs attend this exhibition.

The Thaifed-1

The exhibition lasted five days and Norcent Agriculture achieved great harvest. All the three staffs tried their best to introduce their company and products to the customers and their booth was really popular.

The Thaifed-2

At this exhibition, one of the staff made the first order with a customer from Indonesia and they talked with each other friendly. Then customer even sent local fruit named Longgong on the second day.

The Thaifed-3

Staffs also invited customers from Malaysia and talked about the dried shiitake mushrooms and their factory. The customer showed big interest in Norcent Agriculture and they exchanged social account number with each other for further communication. In the end, staffs invited them to the following Malaysia exhibition.

The Thaifed-4

For this exhibition, customers are not all from Southeast Asia, there are a lot of customers from American, UK and Europe, our staffs showed professional attitude and got the customer’s high praise.

The Thaifed-5

Staffs are not just stranded at their booth waiting for the customers, the also went out of their booth and tried to find customers in the other pavilions. They went around the pavilions and exchanged their name card and company’s brochure with other companies. All the others are friendly, they gave our staffs their products and made photos for memory.

The Thaifed-6

Norcent Agriculture Co., Ltd really made successful trip for this exhibition, they not only received order in the exhibition, but also built many relationships with more than 100 customers, most of them communicated with the staffs after the exhibition and tried to build long-term business relationship.
The trip for Norcent Agriculture is not ended, we will go around the world for shiitake mushroom business.