The Benefits of Eating Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

Dried shiitake mushrooms are a common food in our daily life. They have many benefits for our cardiovascular system.

Eating Dried shiitake mushrooms is good for cardiovascular
In addition to the three major nutrients of protein, fat and carbohydrate, dried shiitake mushrooms are also extremely rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and a variety of physiologically active substances. Lentinus edodes polysaccharide has the functions of improving immunity, inhibiting cancer cell growth, anti-virus and anti-aging. Mushroom oyster (also known as lentin) can reduce harmful cholesterol, has a good protective effect on the cardiovascular system, and can effectively prevent atherosclerosis, and has a good effect on lowering blood pressure. The vitamins and minerals in the mushrooms, especially the B vitamins and ergosterol, are high in content, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of rickets and rickets.

Higher vitamin D content after sun exposure
Dried shiitake mushrooms contain more vitamin D, mainly because ergosterol is converted to more vitamin D in sunlight. Therefore, placing the dried shiitake mushrooms in the sun and eating them can promote the production of more vitamin D. The special taste of dried shiitake mushrooms comes mainly from the ingredients such as mushroom essence and guanylic acid contained in the dried mushrooms.

Soaked shiitake mushroom has strong water health function
When soaking dried shiitake mushrooms, it is best to use warm water of 20 ° C ~ 35 ° C, which will make the Dried shiitake mushrooms more easily absorb water and soften, and also release the flavor components. Dried shiitake mushrooms are generally suitable for stews, which can soften the fibers thoroughly and contribute to the taste. However, it is best not to throw away the water after soaking the dried mushrooms. Because the Dried shiitake mushrooms are high in the water soaked in the mushrooms, they have a high health care function and can be put together in a pot for stewing.