Shiitake Mushrooms Efficacy and Nutritional Value

Mushrooms, known as “Shanzhen” in the folk, is the second largest edible fungus in the world. It is one of the special plants in China, which grows on wood. The taste is delicious, the aroma is refreshing and the nutrition is rich. It has a good reputation as “the queen of plants”.

1. Treatment of anorexia and asthenia

2. Reducing blood fat, preventing blood vessel sclerosis and preventing obesity

3. Lowering blood pressure, antithrombotic, prevention and treatment of hypertension

4. Anti disease, enhance immunity

5. Anti-disease and do good health to human body

6. Prevent Foodborne Disease Caused by Acid Food

7. Antitumor efficacy

8. Liver Protection and Other Benefits

In summary, mushrooms have a high nutritional value, its health value and benefits can not be compared to the general food. Appropriate increase in the intake of mushrooms in people’s daily diet can increase appetite, balance nutrition and maintain the normal health of the human body.

In short, Mushrooms contain varieties of ingredients which is beneficial to the human body, therefore, it is respected by the medical profession as “health food”. B some people call it “functional food.”

With the rapid economic development and continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the international and domestic market of mushrooms will be expanded day by day. The demand for mushrooms, mushroom processed products and health products will rapidly increase. The mushroom products have an attractive future.