Shiitake Mushroom Ribs Soup

Shiitake mushrooms are delicious and delicious, which can increase appetite and promote digestion. Both patients and normal people are edible. It can lower blood lipids, especially for patients with hyperlipidemia; it can be used as a good food for pediatric rickets to assist treatment; it can improve the body’s resistance and immunity, and tumor patients should eat it very well.

The Shiitake mushroom ribs soup is fresh and the method is very simple.

Shiitake Mushroom ribs soup material:

Pork ribs


Dried shiitake mushrooms


Edible oil

Moderate amount


Moderate amount


Moderate amount

1. Wash the ribs first. Cut into pieces and prepare to use in the pot.
2. Soaking mushrooms with warm water.
3. Put the ribs in the pot and cook for a few minutes, remove the floating foam on the soup. This is important, otherwise, the soup will have a bad taste.
4. Remove the copied ribs and put them in a bowl.
5. Then put the ribs into the rice cooker, add the right amount of water and ginger.
6. Add boiled Shiitake mushrooms, boil for an hour to pull OK, add the right amount of salt before the pot.