Picking Shiitake Mushrooms

For shiitake mushroom farmers, picking mushrooms is a very familiar job. Repeat this work approximately 100-160 days a year. However, due to the familiarity of work, frequent and repetitive mechanical work, many shiitake mushroom farmers are negligent, which is likely to cause the following two mistake.

1 when there are few shiitake mushrooms, it is not worth picking. Always farmers want to wait another day to pick them together with other shiitake mushrooms. This caused many shiitake mushrooms to miss the best picking period, causing the shiitake mushrooms to open and the grades dropped.
2 In the picking season of shiitake mushrooms, farmers always hope to pick the shiitake mushrooms as soon as possible, thus ignoring the sorting of grades, resulting in a decline in profits.

Norcent shiitake mushroom planting base, provide professional guidance, comprehensive training and strict requirements for shiitake mushroom farmers, and guide the shiitake mushroom farmers to pick shiitake mushrooms at the most suitable time.
Besideļ¼ŒNorcent has three sorting lines in the sorting process:
1 According to the diameter of the mushroom, pure mechanical size sorting
2 Sorting workshop sorting, multi-person assembly line sorting, strict inspection
3 Sorting of pollutants to ensure that the shiitake mushrooms are clean and tidy, without dirt

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