Norcent Mushrooms, Fall in Love with Health

Dried shiitake mushrooms have a variety of nutrients protein, fat, carbohydrates, etc. Mushrooms contain 7 of the 8 essential amino acids of people. Balanced nutrition.

Because the shiitake mushrooms have nucleotides, so the shiitake mushrooms taste delicious. It is a commonly used ingredient that can enhance the taste of food.

Dried shiitake mushrooms are rich in dietary fiber, which can promote metabolism, can play the role of “healthy slimming” and help maintain good metabolic function.

Potassium, calcium and other trace elements in shiitake mushrooms can promote blood circulation, lower blood pressure, prevent wrinkles, nourish the skin, and play a cosmetic effect.

The lentinan in the mushroom has anti-virus, protects the liver, promotes the production of T lymphocytes, enhances the activity of T lymphocytes, and promotes immunity.

Japanese researchers have found a super-strong anti-cancer substance with a molecular weight of 288 in shiitake mushrooms, which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, which is 1000 times stronger than the anti-cancer substances in green tea. Dried shiitake mushrooms also contain a toxic protein that effectively blocks the protein synthesis of cancer cells.

Rich in nutrition, delicious in taste, slimming healthy, would you will be love in dried shiitake mushrooms?
Note: A small number of unsuitable people should not be used.