October 2018

Shiitake Mushroom Ribs Soup


Shiitake Mushroom Ribs SoupShiitake mushrooms are delicious and delicious, which can increase appetite and promote [...]

Shiitake Mushroom Ribs Soup2018-10-23T09:25:41+00:00

Picking Shiitake Mushrooms


Picking Shiitake MushroomsFor shiitake mushroom farmers, picking mushrooms is a very familiar job. Repeat this [...]

Picking Shiitake Mushrooms2018-10-19T07:34:59+00:00

China Shiitake Mushroom


China Shiitake MushroomShiitake Mushrooms have high nutritional value and health benefits, and have a unique [...]

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Norcent Shiitake Mushrooms


Norcent Shiitake MushroomsNorcent Shiitake Mushroom strictly controls the planting and processing process and carries out [...]

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September 2018

Shiitake Mushroom of China


Shiitake Mushroom of ChinaShiitake mushrooms have high nutritional value and health benefits, and have a [...]

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August 2018